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Rejected / Moderator Application [AbsolNite]
« on: January 21, 2014, 05:36:03 am »
Age: 19 turning 20

Location: Michigan Primarily

Timezone: Eastern, Sometimes Central

Join Date: March 29th 2013 I became a member.

Were you recommended by any staff members?: Kt5turtle, Waddles15, Leatherneckjr, impishmonkey, BritishCrumpet21

Why you should become a moderator: I'm fairly active on the server to start, plus I've been around for a while now. Preferably I like to remain silent, though I am always aware of the chat, speak up when needed, and also like to be polite with other players. I'm dedicated to any sort of work I have before me; seeing things through to the end. Over my time on Dkcraft I've learned how things tend to work in situations that staff is needed and feel that I could uphold the same judgements and choices that a moderator needs.


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