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DKCraft is a Minecraft Survival Server fitted with ranks, an economy, and shops to buy and sell items! There is friendly staff to assist you with grief and to ban rule breakers!

Please take the time to read through this information to enhance your playing experience.


Guest: These players are new to the server.
Member: These players have signed up on the forum.
Trusted: These players have earned the staffs respect. They are active, helpful, and friendly players of the community.
Moderator: Moderate the server and its players. They undo grief and make sure players are following the rules.
Developer: Develops the servers specific code.
Operator: These players are experienced staff members, they are given extra commands to further assist the server and its players.
Admin: Manages the server and the forum to make sure everything is running correctly. In charge of the decision making.
Owner: He pays for the server and manages it along with its plugins.

New users start as guest. To work your way up you must contribute positively to the server by following the rules and helping out.


The server has an economy. Every player has a balance in which you can buy and sell items from the shops.
To check your balance, type: /balance
To check the richest players, type: /balancetop
To access the shops, type: /warp shop

In every shop there are item displays and buy and sell signs.
Right click the buy sign to buy an item.
Right click the sell sign to sell an item.
You can also trade and send money to players.
To send money to players, type: /pay [player name] [amount]

Storage Protections

DKCraft is equipped with LWC to allow players to lock and protect items such as chests, doors, trap doors, furnaces, etc.
This plugin allows players to protect these items, as well as add friends to access them too.

To allow someone else to access the protection, type: /cmodify [player name]
To remove someones ability to access the proection, type: /cmodify -[player name]
To set a password on a protection, type: /cpassword [password]
To remove a protection, type: /cremove

Area Protections

The server is equipped with a plugin that allows you to protect an area, and allow you and your friends to safely build in that area, free of grief.
These protections come in the form of 3 special ore blocks. Simply place the blocks in the area you want protected. The sizes are as follows:
- Coal Protection: 11x11x11
- Lapis Protection: 22x22x22
- Emerald Protection: 41x41x41

At some point you may want to add some friends to your protection zones so you can build with them. To do this you need to use the following commands.
/ps allow playername - Add a player to a protection field.
/ps remove playername - Remove a player from a protection field.
/ps visualize - Visualize your current field.
/ps info - Get info on your current field.
You can pickup and replace protection stones as much as many times as you like.

Voting and Donations

Server voting and donations are no longer available.
Thank you to everybody who helped contribute to the growth of the server with your generous votes and donations <3


/afk - Sets your status as AFK.
/back - Returns you to your last position from a prior teleport.
/balance - Gives the current balance of a player.
/balancetop - Displays the top account balances.
/delhome - Removes a home.
/getpos - Displays your current coordinate location in the world.
/help - This displays the help commands for essentials.
/helpop - Requests help from online staff.
/home - Teleports you home.
/home [home name] - Teleports you to your home name.
/homes - Displays your current sethomes.
/list - Lists the players online and how many slots are left.
/motd - Displays the motd (Message of the Day).
/msg - This allows you to private message another player.
/near - Lists the players who are nearby.
/ohome [player name] - Teleports you to a players home.
/ohome [player name] [home name] - Teleports you to a players home name.
/pay - Pays a specified player from your balance.
/ranks - Displays the server ranks.
/rules - Displays the rules.
/seen - Check when a player was last online.
/sethome - Sets your home location.
/suicide - Commit suicide.
/tpaccept - Accept a /tpa request.
/tpdeny - Deny a /tpa request.
/warp - Warps you to a pre-set location.
/spawn - Teleports you to spawn.

/shops - Warps you to the shops.
/WarpRoom - Warps you to the Warp Room.
/NorthTown - Warps you to NorthTown.
/EastTown - Warps you to EastTown.
/SouthTown - Warps you to SouthTown.
/WestTown - Warps you to WestTown.
/OverWorld - Warps you to the Overworld.
/TheEnd - Warps you to The End.


When playing on the server you are obliged to follow a set of simple rules to ensure everyone is treated fairly.
No griefing (destroying/modifying other players creations)
Be respectful to other players.
Use common sense.
Do not build any obscene structures or signs.
No excessive swearing.
English only in the chat.
Do not ask for ranks.
No mods except for Optifine.

If you need any more help, feel free to submit a help request ingame using /helpop, along with your message, or you can make a topic on our forum! We hope you enjoy your stay on DKCraft!