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Tobieias' Moderator Application

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Moderator Application for Tobieias
Age: 18
Location: England
Timezone: +0GMT (I think)
Join Date: July 12th- 2012
Were you recommended by any staff members?: Carrot_Gal14, impishmonkey, Ashley1020, BritishCrumpet21, d00m_the_monkey
Why you should become a moderator: I'm fairly active on the server and I'm known by a lot of players as I'm a kinda old member- this rolls into helping out players, as for the most part, I've helped out a lot of members on the server and I can further this help with the rank of moderator. Also there aren't usually mods online in the usual time I'm playing, so a larger portion of time on the server dedicated with more moderators would be useful to regular and active members. And as I've been recommended to apply for an application, I've obviously been seen fit to fill this role in well, I can say that I would enjoy being a mod and I look forward to a reply. (: gl me

Good luck!

Thanks Rosey (:

gl tobie!

gl you!


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