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Offtopic / TF2 Art I made (sorrynotsorry it's not minecraft!)
« on: September 07, 2014, 08:12:46 pm »
Hey everyone, so recently i've had some what of an "addiction" to the popular MMO game Team Fortress 2, and looking into it, found a great movie-making tool name Source Filmmaker, developed by the guys at Valve, and due to my love of art and new mediums to explore, I had a gander at the software and whipped this up, in an overall process of 5 hours >.< Learning the tools etc, quite basic to what i've seen around the interwebs, but has become something i've taken a liking too, not minecraft, but would like your responses :D!

I have also posted a link to the reddit thread I made for it, if you wanted to take a look.



Discussion forum / Build Off
« on: August 26, 2013, 10:11:40 am »
Hey guys if you may or may not know, I conducted a 2 team build off yesterday evening, with the theme of space, I hope the people who participated can agree, but it was very fun, and a good experience, the theme was space and some awesome builds were made in the time limit. If you didn't know I also attempted as recording the event and at the moment am in the process of editing and making backgrounds etc. After playing around with Gimp ( The program I used to make the backgrounds ) I made this image, this is the first image showing the teams who participated. I hope you like it and hope to hear your feedback. :3

I will also be updating this every time I complete another picture.

In the image above are the 2 participants which were in Pink team last night, which include of the left d00m_the_monkey and on the right JoshieAteMyBaby. :)

http://imgur.com/mGzVASK <- A link if the image doesn't load for ya :P


In the image above are the 2 participants which were in the Red team last night, which include of the left firedude102 and on the right herobrn11. :)



In the image above is the 1 participant which were in the Green Team two days ago, which include Supertiessup. :)


Offtopic / D00m's Birthday :3
« on: August 22, 2013, 05:01:48 pm »
Hey guys, if you didn't already know, it was d00m's birthday today, and I just wanted to create this post to say I wish you had an awesome birthday! And received everything you asked for :).


Hope you had an awesome day, i'll continue caking ya for the wholleee 24 hours, make sure to eat alot :3

From Lego!

Offtopic / My Art - Spray Work
« on: July 07, 2013, 05:46:35 pm »
Spray Art

Hey guys, recently for my birthday, I managed to get some spray paints, and throughout the day today I have made 5 pieces which I believed that you guys would be interested, they're my first pieces of work with this specific media, and hope to do more when I earn enough money to purchase more cans. I warn you now, there are a lot of splodges of paint on some of the work, due to malfunctions with the cans, damn it took a while to clean up... tip for any one who wants to try spray painting, always choose the correct cap...

My First Five Pieces of Work

Apologies in advance if the images don't work, I will provide a link to all 5 separate images below.

http://imgur.com/U0awQ6h <- Link to an album to all five images. Apologies for the large photo's.

General Discussion / New Laptop - :3
« on: June 22, 2013, 03:15:58 pm »
Good News and Bad News

Hi guys, just a while back I finally got a new laptop, and only just set it up a few days back, hoping to increase my gaming performance, now so far it's not the best gaming computer within fps, so I will be trying to update it throughout the week, but until then I will still be on the server, but not as long of periods of time due to the amount of fps I get, which around now is 10 and if im lucky 20, if I can I will be converting back to my old laptop until I can sort out or upgrade my current new one, but until that moment you may not see me on for more than 15 - 20 minutes intervals of playing as it leads to either Minecraft crashing or me not being able to handle the quality. I will still try and be on as frequently but just in-case I don't, this is a little heads up to the current situation.  ;D

- Lego

Offtopic / Decided to play around with the latest snapshot (13w16a)
« on: April 19, 2013, 06:30:51 am »
Finally decided to download the latest snapshot which was released yesterday and play around with the latest features, these are a few pics I took, hope you like.


Little album I made consisting of 6 pics, showing off what I managed to do with the new snapshot :3

General Discussion / Laptop Issues :/
« on: November 08, 2012, 04:38:43 pm »
Hi guys, I unfortunately won't be on the server for a week or so, as you may know I wasn't able to be on the server for long periods of time as of my laptop overheating, I have finally sent it off and hope it will return good enough for me to play again, I will be on IRC and mumble when I can do so, hopefully not missing too much, hope to see all of you soon.

-TTLego   ;)

Projects and Creations / Underwater
« on: July 07, 2012, 06:15:37 pm »
Hi DKCrafters, if you didn't already know me and Death_Howler are almost mid-way with our first project which we are doing together. Our first ideas are to create an underwater base which hopefully will be good enough to be placed onto the creations board at spawn, with the enitial design all set out we are expanding it to be very large, adding more to the build everyday hoping to maybe even expanding it above water, and, at the end adding a nice story line on how this came to be. We have designed the main 5 domes so far and hopefully will be expanding indivitual branches off of these, maybe leading to homes and other , still undecided,places. If you haven't seen already the main dome in the middle has had all interior designed and placed and what I would like from the community is ideas on which we can use within our build (Also along with builds which you may have created ingame which you could show us, which may be incorporated also). Any ideas which are incorporated will be featured once the build is done along with anyone which has helped along the way. I will hopefully be adding some pictures up how the build has progressed so far, but if I fail to do so, if anyone would be kind enough to include some pictures, much would be appreciated. If you wish to check out our build so far, simply go to my home bed by typing /home TTLego:bed, if you have any advice on what we could improve on or anything mentioned above just leave a comment below. More information will be released once the build has progressed.


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