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Topics - Tobieias

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Events / Build Competition - Free Build
« on: July 23, 2017, 10:32:34 am »
Hello! We will be hosting a new building competition during the summer, it's been a while!

What's the theme?
The theme for this build competition is FREEBUILD! We are looking for creative and fun ideas this time around, all on a topic of your choice as it's Free Build! Show us your creativity!!

How do I enter/submit my creation?
There is no sign up for this event. If you wish to enter, simply start building!
Once you've completed your creation and wish to submit it, reply to this thread with the x y z coordinates on where it's located. (please no /homes)

Can I use a resource pack?
We want everyone to have the same look/advantage when entering, therefore all submissions will be judged using the default resource pack.

When does the event end?
The event will last 4 weeks from today. July 23rd 2017 - August 20th 2017
After this, no more submissions will be accepted and we will move onto the judging stage.

Nothing too major:
1. Building with other players is allowed, however, the prize will be split between the group.
2. As player Moderators can use /fly, their builds will be judged more harshly depending on what style of build they choose to do.
3. Have fun!!
4. Previous builds of yours may not be used, the build you are entering into the competition must be created after the 22nd of July 2017. (we can check)

There will be 3 winners in the form of first, second, and third place.
First place will receive $30 to spend in the donation store.
Second place will receive $20 to spend in the donation store.
Third place will receive $10 to spend in the donation store.

Judging will be based on Creativity, Visuals and Difficulty.
Your designated Judges are xDeeKay, Lissy421 and Tobieias.

Any questions? Feel free to ask them below. Good luck!

Projects and Creations / Erebor
« on: May 09, 2015, 12:08:55 am »
Ok, so you may or may not know that I'm attempting to build Erebor. Which is basically a really big dwarvern kingdom in The Hobbit that is highlighted throughout the trilogy of films.
The build reaches sky limit and is a hell of a lot larger than I've completed at the moment... but I feel as though now that there is enough built to post what I've been up to on the server.
The cost of resources in this build is expensive as it's pretty large. And I really would appreciate any donations which would preferably be any stone realated block variant, you can message me in-game if you would like to donate anything. Or even just to have a look at what I've done.
Below is a link to Imgur and I've posted a few pictures of my progression and I will continue to do so everytime I get a decent amount done on the project.
Link --->  http://tobieias.imgur.com/all/

(Sorry about the screenshots, they aren't of a great quality)

Accepted - Mod Applications / Tobieias' Moderator Application
« on: December 24, 2014, 07:15:13 pm »
Moderator Application for Tobieias
Age: 18
Location: England
Timezone: +0GMT (I think)
Join Date: July 12th- 2012
Were you recommended by any staff members?: Carrot_Gal14, impishmonkey, Ashley1020, BritishCrumpet21, d00m_the_monkey
Why you should become a moderator: I'm fairly active on the server and I'm known by a lot of players as I'm a kinda old member- this rolls into helping out players, as for the most part, I've helped out a lot of members on the server and I can further this help with the rank of moderator. Also there aren't usually mods online in the usual time I'm playing, so a larger portion of time on the server dedicated with more moderators would be useful to regular and active members. And as I've been recommended to apply for an application, I've obviously been seen fit to fill this role in well, I can say that I would enjoy being a mod and I look forward to a reply. (: gl me

Accepted - Project Applications / DoomGlore
« on: July 24, 2013, 09:19:42 pm »
Title: Project Protection Application
Project Protection: DoomGlore

Project name: DoomGlore
Project owner: Tobieias
Project location (coordinates): Homeset for this project is [4954,65,2952]
Approximate dimensions:{     ]
                                     [     }
{= Dimension co-ords corner to corner kind of thing^
   ^I believe I got this right.

          -What is the current state of the project?
 The current state of this project is at creating the land base at sea level (near base completed), An underhill waterfall area as an islands farming area as an animal farm. I have started to create an underground fortress type maze area, with Redstone contraptions. Above ground I have several players living on the island with completed homes. I also have a growing forest space (need to build up terrain for growth and expansion) also I have created secret hidden away areas; rooms, caves and hallways. Also, I have a nice bridge styling with part of the islands feel with a tower and a derelict mansion to the east. And a nice big river space.

          -And what are your plans for its future, if any: Future plans consist of things stated above in the 'current state' part. As well as, splitting the island kind of in half.. styling one area being all foresty and player friendly and the other part being derelict, burned down wasteland with lava and fires and fallen trees and all that good stuff. I need to Mine out a larger underground space for a great hall being based on the mines of moria (the mahusive pillar-like part) as well as above ground creating terrain, building up the underwater part of the island to create sides and dockyards for boats. My favourite idea that I am really anticipating on doing is creating these few  small island hovering above the island in the clouds with underneath shape of course and all the good stuffs for being pretty and that. And of course any other little things that spring to mind with the detail. Being fair, a lot needs to be done. But should, as it's size is pretty large.

          -Why should your project be granted project protection? My project should be granted protection as it is a reaaaally big area that is hard to keep griefs accounted for. I would be able to let players see what I have created without worrying on griefs. Also other players creations on my island will be kept safe so no hassle will be involved with them. A lot of time and so much effort has and is going into this project and oh lord, sponges would be incredibly costly and so unrealistic on getting enough. Thanks for reading and as I should, I hope I get protection! cheers.  :)

Rejected / Moderator application (number2?)
« on: June 01, 2013, 09:06:24 pm »
Moderator Application Tobieias

Timezone:GMT +1 (BST)
Join Date:10th july 2012
Were you recommended by any staff members?:Well a few staff have been saying to make an application again (i.e lissy, mental waddles)
Why you should become a moderator: I should become a moderator because i am a helpful player of the DKcraft community, happily will place lava/water and generally just help people, also current staff have told me to make a new mod app so i guess they believe that i would do a good job. Cheers, and sorry for hassle.

Suggestions / The End 'clean up'
« on: May 14, 2013, 06:47:19 pm »
Me, and others would like to see a clean TheEnd area. i.e. none of those dirty 1 block towers that go way high that will never be used again and ugly pointless builds spammed all around The End area. Fighting the dragon becomes difficult as having to weave in and out of pointless towers all the time to attempt to even shoot an arrow at the dragon without hitting placed blocks. I guess this is put in the correct forum area. Thanks for your time, and vote with consideration. Thanks.

General Discussion / Poor oneofthosethings
« on: February 17, 2013, 11:25:14 pm »
You should all go to bed, your oneofthosethings must hurt

« on: August 05, 2012, 12:10:41 pm »
Sat in McDonald's with death_howler because its like niagra falls outside...   :o  ;D  :P  :-\

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