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General Discussion / Toggle "doInsomnia" to 'false'
« on: February 22, 2021, 09:23:22 pm »
Greetings reader. Being a seasoned player in DKCraft, I am suggesting that the "doInsomnia" game-rule be set to false. This game-rule when set to true allows for Phantoms to spawn at night which swoop down to attack players who have not slept. This feature that exists in Vanilla Minecraft should not be present in this server. It not only bothers players who choose not to benefit from sleeping and skipping the night, but it also forces players to sleep in a bed and reflects poor game design; players should not be more punished for choosing not to sleep. Players who already do sleep are rewarded and skip the night thus not dealing with mobs. Lastly, Phantoms are very annoying to deal with and serve no purpose unless the player is needing to repair an elytra.

This brings me to one problem that stands with setting the "doInsomnia" game-rule to false: phantom membranes can no longer be obtained. There is an easy solution and that is adding the Phantom Membrane to a shop (vote shop, /warp Shops).

Really, there's a small change that can take away the frustration of having to make a bed and skip the night to avoid these pesky Phantoms. The change is simply by setting the "doInsomnia" game-rule to false and adding the membrane to a shop.

Good afternoon by the way.  8)


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