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New Skin (Request)


I need a skin that's all black but white eyes. Put nothing on the second layer of the skin. Then, tell me how to change my skin.

I'll tell you how to change your skin.

Step 1.

Go to www.minecraft.net

Step 2.

Log in (if you haven't allready)

Step 3.

Go to the Profile section of the website

step 4.

Find the section that says "change your skin" that has a empty browse bar next to browse you computer.

step 5.

Look through your computer and find your skin. then double click your skin.

Step 6.

once that is done the URL and location of your skin should appear in the browse bar, If it didn't Repeat steps four and five.

Step 7.

Click the "Upload skin" Button. It will say that it might take a few seconds to upload, but dont mind that.

Step 8.

If you had minecraft open, close it and re-open it. Check to see if the skin is uploaded on a single player world before you make yourself look stupid on a server.

There you go, I'm sorry i dont have your skin but theres the way to change your skin.

Please don't make another topic because someone did not make you a skin. I've removed it.


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