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DKCraft Lagging Like Heck For U???????

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When i Logged on about 5:00 everything was Fine. Then, around 5:50 [Eastern Time] The Server Decided to DERP OUT. U Cant Eat Right, Walk [It Pulls U Back], Open Chests, and Any other Basic things. This Is Really Making me mad. If this has happened To U and ur Mad About it Post on Here. I Believe The server May Just need a re-Start, 1 to 3 people on at a time. You can disscuss with other players online and find that this is Happening to All Players. DeeKay Come Fix Ur Server PLZ!!!!!!!   :)

I know right? I think the server needs a RESTART. :'(

Yeah its really messing me up.

Just take it easy and calm down, deekay or ram will get right on it when they can. For now the server is down for me. Just be patient and wait.

Yeah, im lagging too!


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