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The Pig Incident

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 :D Must build PePe memorial cause of the sadnes  :'(.
Me donate stuff for memorial.
Me build a separate memorial too.

Kay, now the serious part.
I was reading this and it influenced me onto Ailobite's side because of just hitting a pig.
But then, PePe was really special to Lissy.
And it seems, why did you hit PePe in the first place really?
To make it run around for you to ride?
For me normally, I would get on the saddle and just sit there.
But then, that's just me.

There are many different views of this story.

Oh and please don't use the "it's just a game excuse". (but then that's just me again....lol)
People use that too much....

RIP: PePe.  :'(

Sorry about annoying you liss, I was just very annoyed that you wern't telling me how long i was jailed so i could count the hours. :-\
oh, and if your still intrested, I would like to help build the Pepe memorial, I had no idea what you've been through with Pepe before, and now im feeling more sorrow than before :-[

forgot to mention, I promise to never touch any of your stuff again


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