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How to make a DKCraft Live Map App for Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod


First go to Safari and type in the address bar mc.dkcraft.net:8123.
Then, click the button at the very top by the address bar that has an arrow on it.
Press Add to Home Screen.
Name it anything you'd like. (E.G. DKCraft Live Map)
Click on it's app on your screen.
It should not open safari, but it's own little app.
Enjoy!  ;)

You say'n we can stalk people from mobile now?


--- Quote from: Kt5turtle on August 31, 2012, 03:29:24 am ---You say'n we can stalk people from mobile now?

--- End quote ---
If you have 3G (on the go) or WiFi (router next to you or something.)

Totally doing this. Prepare to be stalked everyone >: )


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