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Cheater Sighting?


 So every once in a while I will disguise and follow a new player, to make sure they don't grief the buildings near spawn or to help them get started. Sometimes players will dig straight down to ore and then keep doing it and finding it. Am I supposed to assume they are using x-ray, or just think that it's luck? It's happened a few times and I was just wondering if I should be concerned about it.
   Also, is griefing okay if the person hasn't been online in like 7 months? Even though the doors and chests are claimed, some buildings aren't and I was wondering because I saw a player in someones house and I /cinfo it and then i /seen it and its said that the owner hasn't been on in like forever. If griefing isn't okay ever, then this concerns me a bit with the new players that are dying for materials.

I'm just a bit concerned.

Most often than not, if you're following a player and suspect them of using x-ray, they probably are. Not to say all new players are prone to cheating because that's not the case, but if anyone was to x-ray there'd be a high chance it's a new player. It's best to report it to a staff member and they will investigate it.

As for griefing, it's never ok regardless of the owners activity.

I was the same. I want to know if I'm sick

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