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Stop Voting for me


This started a couple months ago. I tried voting only to find a message saying I've already voted. I assumed maybe my sisters voted since they shared the same ip, so I asked them if they voted and they said no. I even noticed that when trying to vote, on some of the sites it said "username voted today" but not "ip voted today." Ever since then it kept happening and happening. I told Deekay about it and It stopped for a while but then it started up again. Now many of you say It must be good to have someone vote for you so you don't have to worry about it. It's not, they vote at the most inconvenient times (like at midnight) and since I like doing all the vote sites at once, It's very annoying. I'm seriously sick and tired of this and would appreciate if someone could investigate this and ban that ip once and for all.

It's very strange this is still happening, and I hope someone isn't doing it intentionally out of spite.
I will look into this for you first thing tomorrow. I'll let you know via PM what I find, and I'd also recommend PM'ing me for the time being.

alright thanks deekay. it's a shame this is still happening though :l


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