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Goodbye dkcraft

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I was recently banned for using /bukkit:me when I was muted for 1 day then it got moved to permanent. This was a fun journey. lots of fun and awesome people ive meet. I remember when firebird got me into the server. ive meet a lot of awesome ppl I wont name because you prob know. bret and ash take care of the base and good bye.


Altus Clura:
You will be missed.

Bye D:

I'm going to miss all of the builds that took a year to make :D

Bye Ozzy. It was fun indeed. Can someone tell me what /bukkit:me do, anyways? By the way ozzy, whenever you get the chance, go ahead and add me on skype.  ;) Username: Lenny77777770 That way I can send you the ip to my B-Team server and we'll be able to talk :P

-Lenny <3


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