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Goodbye? Maybe?


Ok, well, it seems like all of my hoppers are going to be deleted or something. At least that's what Leather said. I love wasting hours on projects just so they'd be deleted. So, I guess this is goodbye? I would like a world download of the member world, if possible. My Skype is my MC username if anyone wants to add me or send me the map download. I dunno what else to put here. I'm sorry. I hate hoppers. Now I'm crying. I'm such a loser. Goodbye. Have a great day.


Should ask before you throw a fit.

But I guess theres no point in explaining what can be done since you are quitting.

Bye Have a good time elsewhere.

There's a maybe in the title. I can't make up my mind. I'm sorry for throwing a fit. Can this glitch be fixed without destroying all of my hoppers? Could  you please help me Lissy? I don't want to leave.

Bro Don't Leave


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