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Why I and Juron haven't been on lately. :(

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Ive had alot going on lately.
My house flooded, then the people who fixed it found asphestis in the flooring cause its a really old house and they have to tear everything up and i have had some church things going on and yeah, my life is crazy right now lol so I haven't had time to play.
But In about a month or less I will be back on again :D
Ily you guys and I miss everyone. <3 Be back soon!

~Digi :-*

I'll miss you so much! Sorry about your house  :-\

Hope to see you soon!

Awww Im soo sorry about your house digital. I hope everything turns out okay, and i hope you and juron are doing fine. Well anyways take care and ill see ya guys soon  :)

Sorry bout Your House D: 


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