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Hey guys if you may or may not know, I conducted a 2 team build off yesterday evening, with the theme of space, I hope the people who participated can agree, but it was very fun, and a good experience, the theme was space and some awesome builds were made in the time limit. If you didn't know I also attempted as recording the event and at the moment am in the process of editing and making backgrounds etc. After playing around with Gimp ( The program I used to make the backgrounds ) I made this image, this is the first image showing the teams who participated. I hope you like it and hope to hear your feedback. :3

I will also be updating this every time I complete another picture.

In the image above are the 2 participants which were in Pink team last night, which include of the left d00m_the_monkey and on the right JoshieAteMyBaby. :)

http://imgur.com/mGzVASK <- A link if the image doesn't load for ya :P


In the image above are the 2 participants which were in the Red team last night, which include of the left firedude102 and on the right herobrn11. :)



In the image above is the 1 participant which were in the Green Team two days ago, which include Supertiessup. :)


That is the greatest thing I will ever see ever

That looks awesome. =)

Will you be doing another competition? I would love to join next time! ;)

I am planning to do another one tonight, which should give me enough time to complete all the footage I need to get for the video, I don't know if I will be recording this one though, not that I don't like doing it, but I have some other stuff to complete due to it being the last week of my holidays. But I will try and record it, if people want.


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