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Support / Griefers attempting to pass off as 'Trolls'
« on: December 12, 2012, 09:01:35 pm »
Hello and good afternoon.

I had just started playing Minecraft only recently, by the recommendation of someone by the name of pigglesquirt directed me to this server after I had obtained my friend's account (He stopped playing just before 1.8 came out). While everything was hunky-dory all around, everything came to a head when a trio, including one trusted member, began to 'grief' me. At first I tried to tell them that I didn't want them anywhere near my creations (Rightfully so, I had a sky building to make) but then they tried to kill me off more than once by breaking the glass beneath my feet.

When I tried to tell them to stop, they simply began to say they were 'trolling' because of my character's skin texture (Given how I am, frankly, new to this server and minecraft in general I don't really know how even). I kindly tell them that I am African, hailing from the country of Chad since my birth (I was actually born here in Canada). They of course took this opportunity to thinly mask their griefing as 'vigilante' justice by blocking my furnace with glass and or cobble stone.

I have pictures here. How is it that you could let a Trusted Member, of all people, do this kind of crap?

Trusted Member admitting to trolling
Them admitting they were griefing.

Now, if I am to face judgment for my texture, I'll gladly accept it (Honestly I don't even mind the texture given how I rarely even see it). Even when I first came into the server Pigglesquirt, the person who recruited me here, found nothing wrong with it. However, the way these three have acted is way above the line and casts a shadow of doubt over how you choose your trusted members. I am not going to leave this server because of this little infraction nor am I going to hold a grudge, but please, if you do value the esteem of this server, take corrective action.

To round off:


In the meanwhile, I'm going to find a way to change the texture, while I'm at it.

Yours truly,


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